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The ABCs of Emotions + Me: B is for Blah

Blah is actually the word used to describe apathy or mild depression. We all have days of just going through the motions, even the youngest among us. So it is important to understand that it is normal to have days of uneasiness and boredom, but more importantly, how to turn that blah mood around. Sometimes it can be as simple as just moving around. As you move, you change your thought patterns and distract yourself from the ‘blah’ moments.

Other factors that can affect your mood is lack of proper nutrition and adequate rest. Making sure our children are eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables is vital to their emotional health. Likewise, daily napping has been shown to be beneficial for kids’ physical health and good mood. By understanding how our mind works in tandem with our body, we can minimize our blah days and help our children live their lives to the fullest.



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