The ABCs of Emotions + Me: G is for giggles

Tell me a funny joke and I’ll giggle about it all day long. Make a silly face to a baby and you’ll hear the sweetest sound in the world- giggles!

The Urban Dictionary defines giggles as “the uncontrollable surge of laughter that takes over and makes everything that was once worth a smirk seem unexplainably funny.”

Children love to giggle… a lot. It’s their happy sound and it is infectious! It can help create immediate social bonds since laughter expresses friendliness and is universally understood. Even more astounding, it actually activates the auditory areas of our brain while providing social, emotional and physical benefits.

By releasing endorphins in our brains, laughter helps relieve anxiety and feelings of sadness. It is also considered good medicine because it strengthens our immune system and puts infection fighting antibodies into play to help fight disease.

With all the positive effects of giggles and laughter, feel free to act a little silly everyday or tell that funny story. Everyone around you will benefit from it, especially the kids.

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