The ABCs of Emotions + Me: L is for Loving

From the moment we enter this world, we are surrounded by love. It is in the faces that are smiling down at us. It is in the welcoming arms of friends and family. It is there in quiet, restful moments and in the screaming “ feed me now” moments. As we grow, so does love.

In a basic definition, it can be described as an intense affection but it is so much more than a feeling. It shows itself in many forms: the selfless acts of the emergency workers risking their lives to save others, the tired mother who works multiple jobs to provide for her family, the stranger who donates an organ to help another find health and life. The acts of love are as boundless as the universe. To try to define love on just an emotional level is to put it in a box, which can’t be done. It is everything and everywhere. I consider it the most powerful emotion.

So how do we demonstrate to our little ones how important love is to their lives? We make it “the” action word that we act upon. Give hugs. Tell them ‘I love you’ often. Read books about love and loving acts. Pack little lunch notes reminding them that they are loved. But most of all, love. They will respond with open arms and hearts.

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